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1901 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
United States

(412) 228-5160

The Ujamaa Collective is a non-profit organization of women of African descent who are entrepreneurs, artisans, artists and individuals who are committed to serving their community through leadership. Through Ujamaa, artisans will have an economic outlet for their work, micro-enterprises will have the support to grow, customers will gain access to locally-produced items, and Pittsburgh will have a regional destination to draw customers and visitors to the Historic Hill District.

The Issue

Ujamaa is dedicated to developing models of sustainable cooperative economics for Pittsburgh’s Black communities, with an emphasis on the Historic Hill District.

Our goal is to help Africana (Black) women in particular develop self-sufficiency through creative entrepreneurship by working together. The spaces we create- our Boutique, Farm and Marketplace, are places where women can create, market and sell their wares and share expertise with our neighbors in a healthy and vibrant environment.

Unfortunately however, many Black women in Pittsburgh share a common bond with women in third world (developing/underdeveloped) countries- poverty and a poor standard of living.

As one of America’s Most Livable Cities, we have work to do. Just as the originator’s of the fair trade movement were stirred to open up economic channels after witnessing the hard work and creative endeavors of our international brothers and sisters and seeing them not receive their fair share, Ujamaa was formed similarly to make a difference. Fair Trade is just as relevant in impacting poverty in the United States as it is across the waters in foreign countries. A local woman learning how to help herself helps her children and her entire family. Multiple women working together transforms the community. Ujamaa Collective is doing its best to combine cultural ethics with cooperative business practices to help lift as we climb.

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