Ujamaa Collective is a non-profit organization founded with a social mission to create spaces, opportunities, networks, education
and support for Africana women to grow as entrepreneurs, artisans, and servant-leaders so that we may "lift as we climb".

We are accomplishing this through our Hill District based artisan boutique, open-air marketplace events,
agricultural incubator and cooperative business support provided to our members and partners.

Fair Trade & the Racial Justice Movement: Conversation w/ Ujamaa Collective on Thurs, December 11

Fair Trade & the Racial Justice Movement: Conversation with Ujamaa Collective Thursday, December 11

Black Friday 2014

Black Friday 2014 Event 

Friday, November 28, 2014

10 AM - 7 PM

Support the Muslim Women's Association (MWA)

(see flyer)

Adinkra series.......introducing the "Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu"

The reptile represents the Adinkra symbol Funtunfuneyu, meaning "Siamese crocodiles".

Adinkra series -Intro-

"Chief of the Adinkra symbols"

Ujamaa / n. (OOH-JAH-MAH)

The fourth principle of Kwanzaa; To build and maintain our own stores,
shops and other businesses and profit from them TOGETHER

Ujamaa Boutique is your destination for fashion forward cultural expression!

Located at 1901 Centre Avenue in Suite 100, The Ujamaa Boutique carries handcrafted items from local artisans, and fair-trade items from the Caribbean and Africa.

The Ujamaa Boutique has what you need in jewelry, ethnic clothing and fabric, home decor and fine art, so come and visit us for an unforgettable shopping experience filled with local flavor and international flair!

And If you can't make it out to see us,
browse Ujamaa's Product gallery (online shopping available soon) so you can get a taste of what Ujamaa has to offer.

If you would like to see your work showcased in the Ujamaa Boutique, contact us for more information about consignment opportunities.