• <p><b>Our 1st Word of Mouth Poetry event held in the Blakey Center</b></p>
  • <p><strong>Elders in the Marketplace 2010</strong></p>
  • <p><strong>Passing the <em>wisdom</em> on to the next generation.</strong></p>
  • <p><strong>Carnival at Ujamaa Open-Air Marketplace Weekend 2012</strong></p>
  • <p>
	<strong>Products in the Ujamaa boutique</strong></p>
  • <p>
	<strong>Products in the Ujamaa boutique</strong></p>


The Ujamaa Collective is a non-profit organization of women of African descent who are entrepreneurs, artisans, artists and individuals who are committed to serving their community through leadership. Through Ujamaa, artisans will have an economic outlet for their work, micro-enterprises will have the support to grow, customers will gain access to locally-produced items, and Pittsburgh will have a regional destination to draw customers and visitors to the Historic Hill District.

Utilizing a mixed model of entrepreneurship training, creative financing, marketplace establishment and cooperative establishment and cooperative business practices, Ujamaa assists in filling the gap for African American women in economics, education and opportunity.

The Components of Ujamaa Collective:

  • Ujamaa Retail Boutique
  • Entrepreneurship Preparation Program (EPP)
  • Open-Air Marketplace
  • Start-up Business Incubation
  • Agricultural Initiatives


Ujamaa Boutique is your destination for fashion forward cultural expression!

Located at 1901 Centre Avenue in Suite 100, The Ujamaa Boutique carries handcrafted items from local artisans, and fair-trade items from the Carribean and Africa.

The Ujamaa Boutique has what you need in jewelry, ethnic clothing and fabric, home decor and fine art, so come and visit us for an unforgettable shopping experience filled with local flavor and international flair!

And If you can't make it out to see us, browse Ujamaa's E-Boutique (under construction) so you can get a taste of what Ujamaa has to offer.

If you would like to see your work showcased in the Ujamaa Boutique, contact us at 412-228-5160 for more information about consignment opportunities.


Ujamaa Boutique is open Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.


Join Ujamaa Collective

Ujamaa has membership opportunities available twice per year and we’d love to have you join our team of women working cooperatively for self-sufficiency and community economic vitality.

If you are a savvy business woman in the making, an artisan looking to gain experience and exposure, a crafty woman with the desire to shine, Ujamaa is looking for you!

If you are looking to pursue your dreams of business ownership, and you wish to take your talents to the next level, Ujamaa Collective has a place for you.

Our Entrepreneurship Preparation Program is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of women of African descent who are preparing to enter the world of business and/or the arts.

To learn more about our Entrepreneurship Preparation Program, call us at 412-228-5160


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